Biometric authentication is becoming ever more widespread as a practical and user-friendly alternative to the use of passwords, which can be forgotten, transferred or stolen. Indeed, governments and companies around the world are investing heavily in the research and development of biometric identification tools. Not surprisingly, attacks to such systems are becoming also very frequent, and ever more sophisticated, aiming both at committing commercial frauds and acts of terrorism. A similar scenario involves the world of digital media, by now pervasive in our daily life, where images and videos can be manipulated for various evil purposes, including both crimes against intellectual property and against national security.

Although the goals of biometrics and media forensics are different, they have strong similarities in purposes and tools.
They both aim at supporting law enforcement and investigation, and both draw on methodologies and technologies that change and evolve on a daily basis. Increasingly, new scenarios arise where techniques designed for biometrics can be utilized for forensic purposes, or vice-versa.

The International Workshop on Recent Advances in Digital Security: Biometrics and Forensics (BioFor 2015) will provide a forum for researchers from academia and industry to develop and foster synergies between biometrics and forensics. BioFor 2015 will be held in Genova (Italy) on September 7th, 2015 in conjunction with the 18th International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing (ICIAP).

The workshop calls for submissions addressing, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Biometrics and soft biometrics
  • Mobile biometrics
  • Audiovisual biometrics for multimedia forensics
  • Biometric spoofing and liveness detection
  • Biometric and forensic analysis of crime scene traces
  • Forensic behavioural biometrics
  • Security assessment for multi-biometrics systems
  • Audio forensics
  • Image and video forgery detection
  • Machine learning techniques in image forensics
  • Multimedia forensics
  • Source identification
  • Security of information in social media
  • Adversarial learning
  • Counter-forensics

Download the Call for Paper in PDF

The authors of selected papers will be invited to submit an extended version to a special issue of ''Multimedia Tools and Applications''.